Your Wedding Photographers

Hey, we are Victoria & Fabian,

Two wedding photographers from beautiful Bregenzerwald in Austria.
We call a small idyllic village at the foot of the alps our home, but as much as we love the mountains and valleys here in Vorarlberg,
the travel bug draws us frequently out into the world. 
 We prefer to travel in our old VW T3 bus, which we named Rufus. 
It is our home in the summer months when road tripping all over Europe.
To be outside every day, watch sunsets, listen to the sound of the sea, 
hike on the top of mountains, swim under a waterfall afterward, and spend
the night under the stars in the middle of nature – we love the van life!
Always looking for the next adventure, we are excited to see places we have never been before,
meet new people, learn about cultures, and explore all the beautiful landscapes in this world. We traveled to 15 countries together, and our bucket list is endless. 
We prefer to spend our free time outside, and whenever we can spot wildlife along the way, our day is perfect. 

Photography gives us the possibility to share our enthusiasm for nature and beautiful landscapes with you, 
to be part of such personal moments like a wedding day, and to document this unique time for you with beautiful photos, is always so special. 
Unconventional wedding ceremonies in nature that reflect your personality and your relationship is what fascinates us most. 
We believe that the day you promise each other to spend the rest of your life together is really personal and unique,
and you should celebrate this moment, exactly how you want it. 
If you dream of a ceremony on a mountaintop, with nothing other than nature around, plan a laidback garden party with your friends or family or want to dance over a frozen mountain lake on your wedding day, the possibilities are endless and as varied as every person and love story. 

If you plan a wedding day that fits you or want to have stunning couple photos in a great landscape, send us a mail. 
We would love to get to know you and plan something amazing together!

Fun Facts about Victoria

I love traveling!

I started to save money for a trip to New Zealand when I was in Kindergarten. 14 years later I fulfilled this dream, took my backpack, and traveled through the land down under. Since then I never got rid of the travel bug. I have already been to 24 countries, and my bucket list is never-ending. 

Wherever in this beautiful world, you plan to get married, just ask, and let us plan an awesome adventure together. 
Also, check out our Travel-Dates, your dream destination may be already on our list… 

Sleeping under a Thousand Stars

Whenever I am on the road I prefer to sleep in a tent, camper van, or just in my sleeping bag directly under the stars. 

I love the freedom and the amazing feeling of waking up in the middle of nature and would choose the countless stars in the sky over five on the hotel door every time. 

My family used to camp in the alps since we were kids, the mountains we choose got higher over the years but the love for camping trips in the backcountry stayed.

If I have a dream, I do everything to make it a reality.

One of my favorite quotes is,
Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail, you will land amongst the stars. 

I always dreamed big, and even if it isn´t always easy, I go out of my comfort zone again and again and try to make my dreams a reality.
At 14, I moved to Innsbruck to study at an art school.
At 19, I made my first solo backpacking trip to New Zealand,
started my own business with 21, and four years later, I left many things behind to travel the world for a year together with Fabian.
And I can´t wait to see what my next adventure will be…

I am Home in the Mountains

No matter where in the world I am,
as long as I can see mountains, I feel somehow at home.

I grew up in the Alps in Austria, and as much as I love traveling and exploring all the different places and landscapes, I could never imagine living somewhere flat without mountains.

Fun Facts über Fabian

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I love hiking. Standing on the mountaintop after a challenging ascent is the best feeling ever. 

Amazing views around me, fresh air, and the calmness of nature are all I need for a perfect day. 

One of my favorite countries to hike in Norway, the landscapes there are fascinating, and the mountains are so beautiful. 

Home is Where You Park It

We have an old VW T3 bus, called Rufus. A long road trip or just a weekend away, I love to drive through beautiful landscapes, stop at an idyllic place, watch the sunset and sleep on our bus under the stars. To explore places I have never been to before is one of my favorite things. Hiking to the top of mountains all over Europe, finding the coolest spots for a swim, new challenges in rock climbing, and spotting the local wildlife, and still having my own bed on the bus is the best thing about van life.

I am Introvert

I am the quieter of the two of us, I need time to get to know people before I start talking. So please do not wonder, if Victoria talks more than me when we meet each other. 

Therefore I am a great observer and will find the best spot, for a stunning photo that shows you and the epic landscape around. You will often find me climbing a hill or even a tree on your wedding day, to get the best perspective. 

I love Animals!

To spot wild animals is one of my favorite things. Every animal is unique, and I love to watch how they act, move, look, and learn new things about them. 

One of my favorite experiences was in the Dovrefjell national park in Norway. We were hiking there, and at one moment, this Musk Ox stand for us, less than 40m away. This was crazy because usually, you have to keep a 200m distance. After all, they can attack you and run up to 60km/h when you are too near. We quickly took that shoot, and then we walked slowly back and away from him. I hope I can remember back to this moment my whole life.

If you want to read more about us and our adventures, go to our blog,
where we share regular stories of our life as travelers and wedding photographers in Europe.