Couple photos at the Lake of Constance

I am always fascinated by how varied nature in Austria is, and if you look at these romantic couple photos at the Lake of Constance, you might think we were somewhere on the Amazonas instead of the Alps. We started the adventure couple session in a beautiful green forest and walked together along the river. The old trees grew over the water and the evening sun at some places, which sparkled through the leaves and reflected in the water, creating a unique atmosphere and the perfect location for romantic and epic couple photos. The last part was on a narrow path through the bushes, and when we arrived at the Lake of Constance. The calm water reflected the sky and the beautiful evening colors. And because it was so beautiful, we spontaneously jumped into the cool water, the perfect ending for this epic couple of photos.

Couple Photoshoot at the Lake of Constance

There are so many beautiful places around the Lake of Constance. Some have even sandy beaches that let you feel like you are somewhere by the ocean, and others have interesting historic buildings. I am sure everyone can find a fitting location around the Lake of Constance’s shore to take special couple, engagement, or wedding photos. We are happy to help you find the perfect spot for your photo session!

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